To treat or clean cladding, no need for scaffolding or cradles

Jypex Drone specializes in all types of commercial, hospitality or community cladding cleaning. We clean the cladding of schools, office buildings, warehouses, stores, hotels and residences.

Our professional team approved by the DGAC is able to quickly and safely carry out all metal cladding and high-rise commercial and industrial roof cleaning projects. Today’s versatile climate can create the ideal conditions for moss, pollution and algae to thrive on cladding.

Keep cladding clean and in good condition for the image towards customers. We understand the importance for a business to present an impeccable cladding – shops, boutiques, office buildings and shopping centers / hypermarkets. Our drones allow you to clean your professional buildings quickly and inexpensively.

How is cladding cleaned?
Cladding drone cleaning is carried out using a drone and without a high-pressure device, which alters the quality of the surfaces and therefore their proven porosity. All that is needed is a water and electric point and the cleaning will be carried out on any type of surface possible by propelling a biocidal liquid solution suitable for contact with food containing no acid or solvent with a drone specially designed and produced for this purpose.
The cleaning process will remove any algae, lichen and dirt residue that has built up over the years. It will ensure lasting protection of your treated surfaces thanks to its persistent action while respecting the colors.
First impressions always count and keeping premises clean will add value to your brand image. Our commercial and industrial cladding and roof cleaning service will safely remove moss, dirt, algae and other organic matter.
Jypex Drone‘s secure, fast and non-invasive process will cause little disruption to your catchment area. However, we are ready to work outside of your opening hours.
Our Services

Residential gutter cleaning
Commercial gutter cleaning
Unblocking downpipes
Roof cleaning by drone
Cladding and wall / render cleaning
Solar panel cleaning