Drone cleaning: a solution for the future

Our Main Services Are :


To treat, clean or roof moss removal, No need for scaffolding or motorized lifts

The cleaning drone allows the non-pressure application of the bio treatments on the most inaccessible parts of the buildings, whether horizontal or vertical.

A roof cleaning helps to permanently repel the appearance of moss on your roof and thus contributes to the sustainability of your home.


Our drones can treat large areas in a few hours

The cleaning / treatment applications via the drone are multiple, hence our use of this tool in little-known areas.

Drone cleaning is a new way to quickly access dangerous and inaccessible areas, which is revolutionizing our processes, in a desire to always satisfy our customers.



Keep commercial cladding clean and in good condition for the perfect image towards your customers

We understand the importance for a business to present an impeccable cladding- shops, boutiques, office buildings and shopping centres / supermarkets.

Our drones allow you to clean your commercial buildings quickly and inexpensively. Our know-how allows us to adapt to each request and give you the most cost effective results.

Our areas of intervention

Our drone cleaning company is based in Bergerac, France. We carry out the cleaning and maintenance of commercial and industrial facades over a wide geographical area ranging from Aquitaine (Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion, Sainte-Foy-la-Grande / Pineuilh, Langon, Libourne, etc.) as well as the Dordogne (Bergerac , Périgueux, Marmande, Sarlat, Mussidan…).

Calling on the efficiency of the professional teams of Jypex Drone for the cleaning and maintenance of all types of roofing, walls and cladding, whatever their material and height, means reducing your costs and repair expenses and delaying the significant cost of a facade renovation by opting for regular cleaning.

Jypex Drone is the partner for your roof cleaning work and cleaning of facades and cladding in Dordogne, Aquitaine, Lot-et-Garonne and Charente-Maritime.

  • "Accessing the Unreachable"