To treat, clean the walls, no more need for scaffolding or power lifts

Climate, pollution and the environment can cause significant damage to the coating of domestic, industrial and commercial buildings. Algae growth and pollution can cause damage if left untreated. Over time, the exterior coating becomes dull and moss, algae and pollutants take over, leaving the building tired, stained. The flora can develop there until cracking certain facades. Jypex Drone and its DGAC-approved professional remote pilots offer a range of wall & render cleaning services, secure and at competitive prices.

Using advanced pressureless drone cleaning technology, we gently remove dirt and grime buildup without damaging the coating of every building possible. From quote to completion, we will plan and organize every aspect of your building cleaning project. Our process uses aircraft cleaning equipment by spraying biocide cleaning products / roof defoaming without acid or solvent. Regardless of the height of the building and the material from which it is constructed, we can totally « transform » any exterior that would be affected by dirt, algae or stains without risk of falling or damage to the building. coated. Our drone remote pilots will remove heavy stain buildup caused by pollution and moisture ingress.

Jypex Drone provides efficient and fast spray drone cleaning of exterior walls & renders, building facades, flat roofs, etc.

Cleaning walls and renders by drone

Each plaster has its appropriate treatment. Spraying the very powerful diluted cleaner decontaminates, cleans and renovates surfaces while eliminating the bacteria responsible for « stone leprosy », unclogs and eliminates black, red and green organic stains left by algae and lichens.

Everything is then gently rinsed with water to gently remove algae, dirt and pollutants. The exterior of your property is completely restored, bright, clean and without damage to the coating. The algimousse products we use are certified suitable for food contact.

If you are trying to sell your property, a facade covered with moss will certainly have a detrimental effect on the image of solidity and maintenance of your property and will serve as an argument for the buyer to try to negotiate the price down. Once the house facade cleaning is done, this often results in obtaining a higher price for the property.

From schools to churches, warehouses to hotels, we are able to perform any outdoor surface cleaning. We will also be able to provide a risk assessment. Once on site, we safely remove the accumulation of dirt, algae and other organic matter from the roofs and walls of the properties. Our facade cleaning is carried out with minimal disruption and we are prepared to work outside normal working hours. The very great heights are accessible in no time, without nacelle or scaffolding: the installation and the service are very fast compared to the other actors of the market.

Jypex Drone will be at your disposal to perform the service outside working hours. For more information on our range of services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our area of intervention for wall cleaning in the department of Aquitaine, Dordogne: